The Boy Scouts Now Have An MPAA Merit Badge In Misleading Arguments

boy scouts in Los Angeles can earn a brand new activity patch in ” gibberish, doublespeak, denial and bullying techniques” thats right the MPAA has partnered with the Boy scouts to educate children about the dangers of audio and video piracy. “Working with the Boy Scouts of Los Angeles, we have a real opportunity to […]

the holy bible = the joy of gay sex

a friend of mine once stated that he would never use the new international version (NIV) of the holy bible, because the company who translated the NIV and distributed the NIV also distributes “the joy of gay sex” Zondervan is the publisher of the NIV translation… and what he said struck me as odd because […]

i didnt like habeas corpus either….

dont worry mr. president americans wont miss habeas corpus. hell 90% of americans dont even know what it means although i am upset about bush signing the Military Commissions Act into law…. i cant say it suprises me and even though i have alot of views and opinions on the subject… i am unable to […]

Life in a nutshell pt. 2 theories, rules, and cheetos.

Anselm’s proof since god is perfect and being is more perfect than not being, then god must exist. but that doesn’t necessarily go for us. so we are screwed… especially you. Zeno’s paradox if i am chasing after some guy, and even if after the first second i close half the distance between me and […]

Life, in a nutshell.

eventually everyone should learn the basic thoughts of the worlds greatest thinkers, here they are in a nutshell Nietzsche: human society-with its religions and mores-is weak with morality. but out of this will rise a superman, who has no moral imperative but to impose his will on the world. hee’ll wear his costume under his […]

Winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics

JOHN C. MATHER and GEORGE F. SMOOT for their discovery of the blackbody form and anisotropy of the cosmic microwave background radiation caused by the big bang. they are such great physicists that they won the nobel prize for studying something that never happened each year it gets harder and harder for fundies to argue […]