Real Conversations: George and John #1

[20:59] Burnstyle: the cake is a lie… [20:59] jh: cake? [20:59] Burnstyle: yes cake [20:59] Burnstyle: its a lie [20:59] jh: lol ok whats the “cake” [20:59] Burnstyle: its a cake [20:59] jh: and how is it a lie [20:59] Burnstyle: it isnt true [21:00] Burnstyle: its a lie [21:00] Burnstyle: it has ingredients however […]

music you have never heard of because you are stupid. #4 Mozella

When 15-year-old MoZella failed to land a coveted role in her high school play, the Detroit native decided it was time to take her career into her own hands. With the stubborn determination that only a teen can muster, MoZella — who had fallen out the previous year with the members of her folk-rock garage […]

music you have never heard of because you are stupid. #3 Haystak

Haystak (born Jason Winfree on March 22, 1973) is an American rapper of Irish and German descent. He is native of Nashville, Tennessee and he is most renowned for his style of rapping which he refers to as “white trash,” which talks about growing up white, poor, and in the South. Myspace

letters from the past: Heather Boyette (part 1)

*alittle backstory: Heather was… well… um… fucking wierd. in highschool each of my friends had a unique way of greeting others… lucy would hug you, kc would punch you, i would pinch your cheeks and yell “PUFFY CHEEKYS!!!”, heather on the other hand… would bite the shit out of you. she and i had this […]