today is a new day.

Dear Jason,
Over the course of your life you will develop passions for ideas, philosophies, memories, or for certain material possessions. You may find that over time those passions will begin to fade. You may find that your passion has turned into a routine, that you don’t actually care about them anymore… you have just developed a habit. A habit that is difficult to break.
You do not have much time in this world, we all die suddenly. Embrace your ideas. Make them a part of you, but tread cautiously… because if you are not careful you may become them. They may turn you into a person that you never thought you could be.
I have often pondered the meaning of life. Why are we here? What is the purpose of our short, rather insignificant lives? After many late nights of introspective contemplation… this is the closest thing to an answer i can come up with. Live your life so that you may make at least one other person truly happy. If everyone were to live this way, there would be peace.
With Love,
your father.

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